Welcome Aboard!

Lots of NEW photos are now posted!

During the almost one hundred years that the U.S. Navy was at Subic Bay, thousands of sailors, Marines, soldiers, airmen, and civilians were stationed there or passed through on port visits.

They left with feelings ranging from affection to relief, but whatever their experience, they all remember it!

The Subic Bay Registry Project is an effort to record for history the participants in this great adventure that was Subic Bay!

This is so much more than just a discussion board! We want to record real information about you and your experience at Subic Bay. Remember, this is a searchable database that, we hope, will be a clearing house for everything about Subic Bay. You will not have to read through dozens or hundreds of messages and hope to see something of interest. Here you can enter your seach terms and have the results returned immediately.

If you have an interest in Subic Bay, please register and post an entry. Here’s how to get started:

The first thing to do is to register by providing some basic information about yourself. ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!

Next, select a category to make an entry. You will probably want to make an entry in the unit in which you served and then in any of the others that you wish. As an example, make an entry in “NAS Cubi Point.” Enter information about what what you did at Cubi, who you worked with, and experiences you had. Upload a photo of yourself if possible

You may make as many entries in as many categories as you want. You are encouraged to make a permanent entry under your former unit and then use the other categories as much as you want. All entries will be reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate and will appear in 1 – 72 hours.